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Across the world veterinary education is at the very core of food production, disease control, animal welfare and economic prosperity. At ground level, the knowledge and practices of the veterinary sector has a significant impact in these areas, however access to high quality, peer-reviewed educational materials is limited for most vets around the world. WVS Academy is a project, initially developed through a collaboration with BSAVA to create relevant, engaging and practical veterinary resources to benefit animal welfare and public health. The site has continued to develop through support from the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and the IDEXX Foundation and we we are hugely grateful for their continued support.

Individuals make a difference

The cumulative actions of the veterinary community determines the trajectory of One Health issues and so the choices of individual vets ultimately have a huge impact. For example, when treating a farmer's milking cow back to health or controlling disease outbreaks, the vet’s actions have direct consequences for the livelihood of the farmer and his family, as well as having a broader impact the public health. A veterinarian’s analgesic drug choices when preparing for surgery directly impact on the safety, comfort and wellbeing for the animals they operate on. Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest public health threats of our generation and it is largely the practices of veterinarians which will safeguard (or diminish) the efficacy of this crucial class of drugs. Limited access to quality, evidence based veterinary education is hampering development where it is most needed.

The need

Existing veterinary CPD (continued professional development) platforms are often inaccessible to that vast majority of vets, either because they are expensive or targeted at vets working in developed countries with different priorities. There is a great need to address this gap in educational opportunities for all those vets who would benefit greatly but for whom are currently excluded.

WVS Academy

WVS has been delivering practical training courses to vets for over 15 years with the support of Dogs Trust worldwide and the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, and has reached over 5,000 vets. But so much more is needed. By making our educational content available online, we are able to provide on-going support to past participants, as well as extending this access to anyone with an internet connection. We can also broaden our training materials, providing opportunities to educate vets on a wider range of medical and surgical topics in multiple species. Each topic is aimed at relevant "in the field" material at a practical level, thereby supporting vets wherever they are and with whatever challenges they face so they never feel alone!

We very much hope you enjoy our courses and we would welcome any feedback you may have to enable us to keep improving our resources and supporting the global veterinary community as best we can!

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